New MGOC Website

Members may be aware through our magazine Enjoying MG and through forum postings that we lauched our brand new website and forum on Monday 29th September 2014. The transition from the old to the new website went according to plan and the initial feedback so far has been very positive. As the new website is now well and truly up and running we would welcome more feedback about any glitches that we may not have noticed as some areas do have "work in progress" going on and there is bound to be some "fine tuning". You are most welcome to give us your views on phase 1 of the site as we do plan to develop the site further and if you have any suggestions for changes or additions we will do our best to accommodate them. Please use the feedback form in the CLUB MATTERS section.

As many regular visitors will have bookmarked various pages and access to the old BBS it will be necessary to recreate bookmarks to your favourite pages. We look forward to hearing from you.

26 Sep 2014