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  1. Driving Licence --- Check yours!

    ... of dates and details - each one numbered. Number 4b features a date in tiny writing, but no explicit explanation as to what it ...

    12 Feb 2009

  2. Understanding engineers

    ... believe that if it ain't broke, it doesn't have enough features yet. Understanding Engineers - Eight An engineer was crossing ...

    12 Nov 2008

  3. One for Gerard and all Micra lovers.

    ... hinting that this little car has grown up. Micra 25 features a host of equipment, especially appealing to younger drivers, ... anniversary decals, each Micra 25 in today’s motorcade features a single white letter on the roof, which – when the parade is viewed ...

    21 Jul 2008

  4. Bletchley Park Classic Car & Motorbike Picnic

    ... Park, Milton Keynes, Bucks. MK3 6EB. 'The Picnic features classic vehicles of all ages, shapes and sizes, with a spectacular ...

    8 Jul 2008

  5. Rocker shaft concern

    ... is at the bottom of the shaft. Surely these two features should coincide so that oil can pass freely from one to the other, or ...

    21 Jun 2008

  6. Another Flebay classic MGB

    ... I've emailed the seller to clarify some of the features and the year. Waiting for a reply. Paul Johnson ...

    31 May 2008

  7. Brand New MG Rover Radio Cassette

    ... new MG Rover CR80 radio cassette unit. All the usual features FM/AM, RDS, pre-sets etc. Features a flip down front to access cassette. Complete with cage. IIRC ...

    26 May 2008

  8. old enjoying mg mags

    ... the format better in the old mags, i think u got a lot more features on reders mgs , their stories, roache in most mags, weddings in mgs, ...

    22 May 2008

  9. MGB features in BBC HD ad - What a waste!

    Forums:  Members General Chat Area ...

    6 May 2008

  10. New state of art radio

    ... an 80 disc changer to boot...! Here is a link to all its features: ...

    30 Jan 2008