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  1. When is green 'green'

    ... + modern body anti corrosion & other features but just leave out the computers etc Rob ps Keep putting the ...

    28 Dec 2006

  2. V12 MGA and a pair of B's

    ... Chat Area This Months Retro Cars magazine features the black MGB GT I mentioned on lost and found as being for sale near ...

    11 Nov 2006

  3. Talk Sport ... does anyone listen to it?

    ... A work colleague told me that they have a few features on Speedway on talksport and i should take a listen so i did. I ...

    19 Oct 2006

  4. Period Adverts

    ... black and white unless stated otherwisw. 1. MGC GT. features MOH482F parked in a field. Motorsport august 1968. 2. MGC roadster ... The remainder are all MGB roadster. 3. Colour ad features a white car 826FRX parked in the pits at a racetrack. Motorsport ...

    21 Mar 2006

  5. 123 Dizzy

    ... Ho Hum, Enjoying MG special offers from club features an electronic(?) distributor this month any comments. With or without ...

    1 Mar 2006

  6. Lancaster - insurance scam?

    ... they have a duty to inform the more naive of us of the main features of our policies? We all know we would rather be out driving than ...

    1 Feb 2006

  7. 'Beef and Onion' - My seccond assesed assignment!

    ... instrument that incorporates as many of those stylistic features as possible. Ive had a little bit of fun with it... as I usually ...

    26 Jan 2006

  8. Latest Retro Cars Magazine

    Forums:  V8/RV8 Technical Features MGB GT V8 building and tuning guide - probably not much in it that you ...

    10 Sep 2005

  9. Free tickets - MG Racing

    ... of tickets for Thruxton, Monday 28th March. The race program features the MGOC Racing Championship. (2 races) I can't go to this, as I'm ...

    11 Mar 2005

  10. Cold Feet

    ... up in Bs, and Pete buys himself one after his divorce - it features heavily in one episode, in which Adam is desperate to borrow it and ...

    27 Jan 2005