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    ... XPAG was specially produced to power the TB. The main new features that were introduced on the MG version were greater rigidity in all ...

    28 Aug 2014


    ... camshaft brigade as the TA had kept all the most desirable features and the larger engine provided much more pulling power throughout the ... revving P types. The engine did have some rather innovative features with a belt driven cooling fan and pump together with a thermostat, ...

    28 Aug 2014

  3. Cookies

    ... . However, many of our website features will not function if you disable cookies. Google Analytics is a ...

    11 Aug 2014

  4. Spotlight on Jonathon Wood

    ... staff car sagas' section in the three years I had it. As features editor, Jonathan specialised in seeking out unusual stories and ...

    6 Aug 2014

  5. Metro, Montego and Maestro buying guide

    ... between these units are considerable, but the main features were a change from chain driven camshaft on the R series, to a toothed ...

    6 Aug 2014

  6. Magnette ZA/ZB Buying Guide

    ...  The Magnette ZA had many innovative features, unitary construction, coil and wishbone front suspension, excellent ...

    6 Aug 2014

  7. Vehicle Security

    ... that you know all about your car and all it's distinguishing features. Even if you confine your attention to just giving your MG a regular ...

    6 Aug 2014

  8. Buying an MGF

    ... a decent sized lockable glovebox in the dash. Each seat back features a storage pocket which is useful for holding maps. Carpet and trim ... buyf7.jpg Glovebox features cassette storage. Luggage space ...

    6 Aug 2014

  9. MGA 1600 MkII

    ... contemporary rivals. Although the design of the car still features a separate chassis, there is no detectable flexing and the little MG ... space. Functional and well trimmed the interior features individual bucket seats that are competently designed, giving good ...

    6 Aug 2014

  10. A Motoring Writer's Cars

    ... is the economy. This is no lightweight car - one of the features that attracted us was its strength and safety - so to discover time ...

    6 Aug 2014