October Enjoying MG  - possible delays in delivery

We have been notified by our printers and mailing company that there are likely to be delays in the delivery of Enjoying MG to your letterbox. The main reason which has been prominently reported in the national media is the acute shortage of Goods Vehicle Drivers. We have been notified of a three day delay in the delivery of the magazine to our mailing house and further delays may be introduced by similar problems that Royal Mail are experiencing, with a shortage of drivers and high levels of sick absence. We are hopeful that the delivery of your magazine will not be impacted too much and thank you for your understanding of a situation that is completely outside of our control.

As a subscribing member you can view the electronic version of the magazine from the early hours of the 1st October.  This can be found under the members area of the website or by clicking here.

23 Sep 2021