MG’s on Track are making their annual visit to Snetterton in Norfolk on May 23rd and if you haven’t yet driven the new mile long infield extension you have missed a fabulous addition to the UK’s circuit track day experience. Snetterton is now 3 miles in length and the new extension draws inspiration from iconic motorsport corners such as Monza’s Parabolica and Montreal’s Hairpin. Additionally MGoT have arranged for senior circuit Instructor Andrew Crichton to run two ‘classroom’ sessions ( mid morning and mid afternoon ) to offer tips and suggestions for making the most of how to drive the circuit and all free of charge! This is exclusive to MG’s on Track only if you book with them

MG’s on Track still have a few spaces left for sale if you want to experience this great circuit with it’s enhanced extension. Enjoy MGoT’s famed friendly paddock atmosphere and if it is your first time with MGoT they provide a mentor to help you get your day off to an easy stress free start.

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26 Apr 2016